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Are you struggling to decide on the best floor coating for your property in Mississauga, Hamilton, Ancaster, or Burlington, one that offers the perfect balance of durability, aesthetics, and quick turnaround times? With the ongoing debate between polyurea vs epoxy coatings, how can you be sure you’re choosing a solution that provides superior protection and longevity for your floors?

Texturock introduces a groundbreaking solution with our Polyaspartic Polyurea coatings, serving clients across Mississauga, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Burlington. Polyaspartic Polyurea coatings offer a superior alternative to traditional epoxy, providing unmatched durability, UV resistance, and a rapid curing process that minimizes downtime.

polyurea garage flooring

Entirely new in the industry, thepro is surfacing among garages, basements, and other high-function floors and is now being hailed as “the Coating King.” It’s the polyurea floor coating that will be the new flooring hero.

With our companies’ years of service, specializing in decorative concrete and innovative flooring installation, we got you covered! We are your reliable flooring artisans with over 40 years of experience. Our number aims to provide lasting, durable, and beautiful garage coating floors for every residential and commercial property in the area!

The concrete coating process has never got this fast! Get an instant flooring facelift with the most innovative coating on the market today. 

In recent years epoxy flooring has been dominating the industry. In a short time, another technique is making its name. Now epoxy flooring is often mistaken as the same with polyurea-polyaspartic. Both of them are well known for their fast curing property. However, flooring companies hailed the polyurea as the 1-day install floor; it’s shorter than epoxy.

Polyaspartic Polyurea vs. Epoxy Coating

It’s time that you mark the fine lines between polyaspartic polyurea and the epoxy flooring. Pinning down their salient, unique features will make you decide what is better for your properties.

Epoxy flooring and polyaspartic coating find their best use among garage floors. Below is the ultimate battleground comparing the best features for both!







100 % SOLID

Two-part, low solid resin &  polyurethane + aliphatic compound

100% Solid 

Polymer + resin hardener


1-day quick cure

2-3 days upto 6 days complete curing

UV-light Stable

YES! 100%



Waterproof. High-heat resistant,

Elastic, flexible under extreme heat

High foot-traffic resistant




High colour retention

Monolithic, limited designs

Colour fades

When exposed to the sun and UV light

Custom designs 

Multiple colour-combinations


Very high chemical, heat, and rainwater resistance.

UV-ray resistant

High chemical and heat resistance.


Very low odour & low to zero VOC

Consist or pure organic chemicals

Low odour & Low VOC

Environmentally friendly



Super-elasticity, Can endure or expand under high heat


 Cracks and fades when exposed to extreme heat

What are Polyaspartic-Polyurea Coatings?

Polyurea coatings are generating a lot of excitement in the industry as one of the many options available for coating your garage floor, among other applications. Epoxy is different from polyaspartic coatings. Like epoxy, it’s a 2-component product. Polyurea-polyaspartic is more flexible compared to epoxy, offering distinct advantages in terms of strength, lifespan, protection, and aesthetics.

As a super flexible solid material, it is used extensively in industrial projects for applications like coating massive pipes, bending joints, insulations, and surfaces that demand a resinous covering for heavy traffic and heavy use. Most polyureas require specialized equipment for application. The mixture contains minimal volatile organic compounds and showcases greater flexibility compared to epoxy resin, enhancing its performance and reducing the likelihood of damage and drawbacks associated with less flexible types.

The duo of high-tech terms combined is reduced to its more popular, more relatable name, the one-day coating systems, highlighting its efficiency and quick application time compared to others.

This product stands out for its ability to offer an array of colors and finishes, catering to varying aesthetics and functional needs. Let our experts explain to you and give the following basic definitions, shedding light on the differences, disadvantages, and unique strengths of these products, including epoxy coatings and the innovative polyurea-polyaspartic solutions.

Basic Component (Polyurethane vs. Resin)

To start, let us introduce you to polyurethane and its key factors. Polyurethane is a thermosetting polymer consisting of combinations of organic compounds. It does not melt under high heat. That is why it’s excellent for insulation and coating mechanical joints and garage floorings.

On the other hand, epoxy, which is also a thermosetting compound, is based on resin. Resin is a synthetic plastic material. But, it is more complex and rigid than ordinary polymers. It is a wax material that catalyzes into solid. Its catalyst is a polymer hardener.

The Catalyst (Aliphatic compound vs. Hardener)

Polyurea cures quicker than epoxy. Specialized equipment is used when coating with this. Flooring installers need to slow down the rapid curing to apply it on the floor without messing up. That’s where the polyaspartic comes in.

Polyaspartic is a subgroup of under polyurea, and it is a slowed-down version of the polyurea-coating. Polyurea coating is catalyzed with an aliphatic (non-aromatic) chemical compound. This is first introduced in the industry as a steel coating. It helps metal surfaces resist corrosion and rusting. Other industries call this product aliphatic-polyurea. To wrap up, all polyaspartic is a polyurea, but not all polyurea is polyaspartic.

The Use (penetrating coat vs. super-adhesion)

In a nutshell, the polyurea-polyaspartics coating is a much more resistant and flexible material than epoxy, making it an ideal choice for garage floor coating. Its coating system penetrates the concrete layers. That is the reason why it will not produce yellowing on the surface.

Meanwhile, epoxy is a super adhesive coating covering and bonds on the concrete slab—making the concrete flooring super strong, super sturdy, and dense.

The Disadvantage

Both epoxy and polyurea create a dense and thermosetting coating on the contrite slabs. It means that the concrete is full-covered. The Piraeus substrates cannot breathe since its tiny holes were filled and entirely sealed.

The disadvantage of super-adhesive coating is that there should be no room for moisture. If the layers are sealed, condensation can build up and can weaken the substrates. The only solution to this is to hire expert contractors. A Mississauga, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Burlington professional installers are fully bonded, licensed, and certified to do the hardcore flooring installations.

Polyaspartic flooring
chip epoxy flooring

Advantages of Polyurea Polyaspartic: Process and Installation

Now that you have the basic understanding of the 1-day coating, next is to find out the fantastic benefits it will provide to your floors. A polyurea polyaspartic garage flooring has two primary benefits: it can withstand extreme temperatures and is quick to apply. The most distinct advantage of 1-day coating is its UV-light stability and flexibility. This is the reason why this material is the most preferred by garage and parking lot owners.

Below are the benefits of the polyurea-polyaspartic floor coating and more!

  • It is 100% UV stable.
  • It is super resistant to moisture.
  • It has a super-dense surface. Very slip-resistant.
  • It has a very glossy finish. More appealing than epoxy.
  • High-heat tolerant. It won’t crack under the sunlight.
  • Higher impact resistant
  • It has high-elasticity, flexible, expands when heat contacts.
  • Very high scratch and abrasion resistance.

Areas you can Apply Polyurea Floor Coating

Polyurea polyaspartic acts similarly to epoxy coating. This is why it is one of the best alternative garage floor coatings. However, garages are not the only areas you can apply polyurea. Here are other areas you can consider applying polyurea polyaspartic coating.

  • Kitchen floor
  • Patio
  • Garage floor
  • Warehouse floors

Polyurea Polyaspartic Installation Best for Garage Floor - Commercial and Residential

An action-packed garage, automotive showroom, and commercial parking spaces need no downtime. Get a 1-day install coating for revamping your active workspaces! The polyurea-polyaspartic floor coating will grant you the benefit of fast curing. You got to save time and use the floors under extreme temperature!.

You will not worry anymore about tire treads marking the garage flooring. You will also have easy maintenance for your massive automotive spaces and parking lots. Polyurea-polyaspartic floor coatings can be installed in just one day, given the ideal circumstances, as they are widely promoted. This is the best that concrete coating technology has developed!

How Much Installation will Cost?

With all the options available for coating your garage getting to know the cost is getting down to business. So, get in touch with an expert installer right away to have a proper assessment of your space. Standard garage area sizes are usually a 2-car garage or a three-car garage. Forgiving a free estimate of your project, contractors will usually base the cost per square foot.

Get the exact measurement of your garage flooring and communicate your requirement to your professional contractors. 1-day” polyurea polyaspartic will start with $6.50 to $7.00 per square foot. It will also be subject to change depending on your location anywhere you are in Canada.

1-day polyurea polyaspartic is relatively new in the industry. It is also known for having the fastest curing time. That is why the 1-day floor coating costs the highest today.

Why Should I Hire the Experts?

All projects will start at proper assessment. Beware, as a client. Not all flooring requirements will match with the 1-day coating. Here are essential facts and tips to consider, straight from our experts. Browse below to guide you in your decision:

  • Not all concrete floors will cure at the same rate.
  • A professional flooring contractor will assess your concrete floor’s current condition
  • Concrete with high porosity will not be compatible with polyurea floor coatings. 
  • Concrete with porous sub-layers might need replacement or hardcore preparation and concrete polishing.
  • You can avoid peeling, cracking, and faulty installation when you get a moisture test first for your concrete
  •  For a professional installer, this highly technical method is easy to install.

Polyurea is 4x stronger than Epoxy and 98% more flexible. The flexibility of the material makes it extremely durable, even in harsh weather conditions such as snow or high humidity.

The coating and sealing product polyaspartic is low or zero VOC. It can be used in the same category as epoxy, polyurethane, to coat surfaces for a protective sealant that will last years with no maintenance needed!

It can lasts for almost 25 to 30 years. This is because it has mixed properties, making a hard bond with concrete and providing toughness while also being UV resistant and scratch-proof.

Yes, due to its durability.

Polyurea lasts for 10 years and given proper maintenance, it can even last longer.

Yes. You can apply a fresh coat of polyurea on top of an old epoxy-coated floor that is still well-bonded.

It costs around $3 to $12 per square foot. This will still change depending on the type of coating and the labor cost.

Yes, there are several special considerations to keep in mind when applying a polyurea floor coating.

First, ensure that the surface being coated is clean and free of any debris, oils, or other contaminants. This will help to the coating adheres properly and will not be compromised by any foreign substances.

Second, the temperature of the surface should be taken into account when applying a polyurea floor coating.

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