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Functional and attractive. Garage floors are not any more your dull, cold, blocks of concrete. Standard durable floors for garages provide a valuable space for residential and commercial properties. Texturock got you covered – rendering quality garage floors Burlington for every home and business owners in Ontario and nearby local cities. Our professional floor contractors will come to your location throughout Mississauga, Hamilton, to Burlington Oakville and places in Southern Ontario.

For over 40 years in the industry, our team of expert contractors and installers has established a trusted brand for concrete resurfacing and overlay services. Specializing in Epoxy flooring, your industrial or commercial floors will upgrade with no- match, stunning form, and enhanced function.

Garage Flooring Options: Metallic, Flake, 3D Epoxy Coatings

Garage flooring Ontario services are now right at your doorsteps, offering you beautifully rendered floor surfaces. The flooring options you can choose from yields to a distinctly superior outcome. You can select from Metallic, Flake, and 3D coatings.  

garage flooring hamiltonMetallic

This coating creates a metal-like surface. A floor transforms with a high-gloss and sparkling reflection on the surface. It is an effective way to make a high stain-resistant floor. The metallic effect makes a room look brighter and spacious.

3D Floors

Using custom print and designs that you want to personalized, 3D coats will help you achieve unique designs. With 3D coating, you can enhance not only garages but also customize leisure or other function rooms.

Flake Floors

Using colored flakes chips or materials, you will create a more vibrant and multi-colored pattern and design. If you want an unlimited design option and create a variety of textures and feel on your floor, the flaking technique will satisfy you.

Benefits of Garage Epoxy Flooring

Garage epoxy floors exude with durability and adaptability. The designing options are limitless. Incorporating personalized designs with 3D coatings is possible. Or have a dynamic, contemporary flare using chip paints to make a distinct and appealing look on your commercial, industrial, or residential floors. Epoxy coating is truly a popular choice for garage flooring due to the following benefits:

Polyaspartic flooring

Superior Resistance

Coating with epoxy makes a surface resistant to reactions from substances and stubborn stains. Garage flooring Burlington is always in action, reacting with tires and heat for the machine or vehicles. So it better, to protect and refinish your home or business spaces with advanced flooring system.

Durable Finish, Easy Maintenance

Flawless floors with smooth and high-gloss surfaces do not mean that they are high-maintenance. The sturdy quality of garage floors with epoxy makes it tough to receive high traffic of vehicle and foot activities. It also lasts for an extended period. That is why repair and maintenance will not cost you much. It will take decades to see cracks or severe abrasions on the floor surface. Epoxy coatings are known for their toughness and durability, making them ideal for garage floors subjected to heavy foot traffic, vehicles, and other equipment. Coated garage floors are much easier to clean than traditional concrete floors. Dirt, oil, and other contaminants can be wiped away with a damp cloth, saving time and effort.

polyurea polyaspartic floor niagara falls

Increased Safety, Slip-Resistant Floors

Garage epoxy floors are the best slip-resistant flooring. The epoxy coating makes a surface twice as dense as any other standard industrial floor. This coating technique provides the best materials applied to your parking, basement, workshops, and garages. It increases the safety in your surrounding. Worry no more about serious accidents brought about by slipping.

Reduce risks in working on your workshop or basement and parking with floors enhanced with epoxy. Also brought by its durability, the absence of cracks or holes makes a perfectly smooth surface. It provides home and commercial space owners with unmatched security. Imagine having no trouble looking for small dents that can cause you to slip or sudden stumbling. Also, epoxy floor coatings can be designed with a non-slip surface, making them safer for individuals and their families. This can be especially important for garages used for vehicle storage and maintenance.

garage flooring

Versatile Designs

Epoxy coatings are available in a wide range of colors, allowing customers to choose the color that matches their personal style or the design of their garage. Additionally, epoxy floor coatings can be finished with a high gloss or textured finish, providing a custom look.

It depends on how you will utilize your garage floors Burlington. You can combine and incorporate ideas with the products we have and are accessible today.

Easy Install Process

If you need a quick, fast flooring solution, epoxy coating your garage is the best option. The coating product is easy to install. Do you need to upgrade a small space quickly? This process is fast—no need to remove old concrete floors. You don’t have to pay extra to replace new slabs. Epoxy will entirely cover the surface free from damage and will look good as new. The installation process for epoxy floor coatings is relatively straightforward, making it a good option for DIYers or individuals who want to minimize their investment in tools and labor.

garage with a black car

Moisture Resistance

Epoxy coatings form a seamless surface that is resistant to moisture, which can be especially important in areas where water and other liquids are present.


Compared to other floor coating products, garage epoxy coatings are a cost-effective solution that offers customers a long-lasting, attractive, and functional flooring solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy is one of the best options. It can be used on any flooring like a garage, patio, commercial and residential spaces. It has high-quality performance and has various attractive colors to choose from.

The garage floor coating starts at $3.50 for a simple single color epoxy or around $7.50 for a flake system with polyaspartic, while for marble & metallic epoxy garage floors for $10-$12

$3 per square foot.  For 1-car garage with at least 300 square feet, the price starts at $800. 

Yes, it’s perfect for garage flooring especially when you’re looking for a long-lasting but durable material. 

Polyurea coatings is another option for you! This is resistant to damage and stains. 

Why Choose Us

Accomplish attractive and long-lasting floors with Texturock garage flooring Hamilton Ontario, Mississauga, and Burlington in Ancaster. As experts in this industry, we provide advanced flooring coating that satisfies residences, business owners and industrial spaces in the area. Partnering with us to achieve your dream flooring will allow you to apply the style and design you like in no time.

  • Appreciate Aesthetic Value. Work with a company that knows the industry and beyond. Applying polished and seamless floor coatings is our specialty. Knowing the right mix of creativity and accuracy of installing epoxy materials makes our team the best! You can have us customize or personalize
  • Up-to-Date in Decorative Flooring Trends. Our team has up-to-date knowledge so you can find the right flooring solution. We keep updated with advanced floor coatings today. Transform outdated design options when you get details from us and start planning your epoxy floor projects.
  • Dedicated and Client-Centered Craftsmen. We offer a free quote for your residential and commercial properties’ improvement needs. We value our clients, and we are ready to supply the information you need from the creative planning to estimate the initial cost. So you can begin your flooring projects with us anytime.

Get in touch with us today and have a free- estimate of your epoxy flooring solution for your residential and commercial properties! Call us @ 905-973-2540!

Attention all homeowners! Are you tired of dealing with a dirty, stained garage floor? Upgrade to a clean and protected surface with our affordable garage floor coatings. Our flooring options include polyurethane sealer, acrylic protection, and epoxy floor coating with polyurea for added durability. Choose from a variety of styles to match the look of your house. With years of experience, we’re experts in providing top-notch garage floor epoxy solutions. And, with our warranty, you can be confident in your investment. Don’t settle for a lackluster garage floor. Experience the difference a beautiful and protected surface can make. Contact us today to get started!

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