Texturock offers a variety of colour combinations and applications in 4 different materials. Read more below to help you select the best material and application for your current projects:


The STONE line at Texturock includes a unique blend of epoxy mixed with natural stones from around the globe. Over 90% of our customers select a Stone installation for the right blend of price, performance, and beauty. North American stone comes in 13 stock colours and a limitless array of additional stones to create your special blend to marry your style and decor needs. As an industry leader, Texturock provides you with only the best ingredients to ensure strength, durability, style and satisfactory results.

Sample applications for the Stone line at Texturock:
Stone mix shown in PEANUT BRITTLE


The RUBBER line at Texturock, contains a blend of a high grade EPDM rubber chips mixed with a very strong urethane binder. The rubber chips are available in a variety of solid colors, but are more commonly blended to create your desired results. The urethane binder allows the rubber to flex naturally, while attaching it securely to the substrate. With added flexibility and a slip-resistant nature, this product is a great resurfacing idea.

Sample applications for the RUBBER line at Texturock:
pool deck
Pool deck in Texturock Rubber


In 2008 Texturock brought our industry leading products and installation techniques to the design industry in a whole new way with the TEXTUROCK GLASS line. The Glass line effectively allows you to create signature looks that include custom logos and back lit applications. The Glass line also mixes seamlessly with the Stone line, creating unique, one-of-a-kind spaces for your home or office.

Samples of applications done using the GLASS line at Texturock:

Custom glass tile from the Texturock Glass line


The POLY line at Texturock includes several options for coating areas with moderate to severe traffic and/or chemical exposure. We use clear, polyaspartic polyurea top coat and place it over decorative paint chips embedded in a tinted epoxy base coat. It is also available as a tinted or clear top coat as a great sealer on a variety of other substrates such as plain concrete, acrylic cements and acid-stained concrete flooring. The Poly application has a quick curing time making it ideal for areas where quick applications are necessary. The Poly application can be completed with specialty primers to block efflorescence and vapor, or with additives to inhibit mildew, algae, and fungal growth.

TEXTUROCK POLY is perfect for use on the following applications:
Customized POLY from the Texturock POLY line
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