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Epoxy floors are ideal for homes and business spaces due to their sturdy forms and minimal care required.

However, it is not an easy feat to find a local contractor who can create superior epoxy flooring. Many would boast that they have expertise in epoxy floor installation. You don’t have to end up with substandard results when it is concrete floors at your residential and commercial spaces at stake.

Texturock Epoxy Flooring premier contractors are the leading installer of durable, lasting epoxy floors in Ancaster. Look no further if you need a highly-competitive team who can set up high-grade flooring in your area.

If you are looking for a qualified and reliable epoxy flooring contractor in Ancaster, contact Texturock. We are a premier epoxy floor company! If it is a high-quality, residential, or commercial flooring solution you need, we got you covered!

Texturock Epoxy Flooring: Industrial, Commercial, & Residential Contractors in Ancaster

Years of experience in installing custom epoxy resin floorings sets our contractors apart from the others! So why settle for budding epoxy contractors when you got our team of specialists who never settles for less? 

We have been servicing epoxy flooring Ancaster to a number of clients. Get nothing but quality and seamless results! Our team has been in the business for over 20 years, crafting seamless epoxy floors for the locals of Ancaster!

Get the best possible service that we offer! Check out our services, bringing durable, low- maintenance, and high-quality epoxy-enhanced surfaces.

Industrial & Commercial Epoxy Floors

Industrial and commercial epoxy flooring is an excellent option for organizations seeking a long-lasting, hassle-free, and attractive choice. This type of flooring is composed of two components which are laid over a concrete base.

The epoxy floor coatings transform into a rigid, lasting coating resistant to liquids, moisture, and wear. The floors are also non-slip, making them ideal for busy spaces and concrete surface which is prone to wear and tear.

Workers applying epoxy in an industrial space

Residential Epoxy Floorings

Provide your homes with safety with durable and decorative epoxy floors. Epoxy coatings are regularly used in residential flooring spaces due to their robust & straightforward look.

It is a great solution for high-usage areas, including garages, cellars, and kitchens.

Basement with epoxy concrete coating

Epoxy Floor Coatings & Polyaspratic Coatings

Get the best floor coating right for you. Our team got you covered when it comes to your epoxy and polyaspartic coating needs.

Secure a durable, low-upkeep floor enhanced with the most innovative floor coating products to date!

Two cars parked in a residential garage with

Garage Flooring

When it comes to your garage floors, epoxy floor coatings are what you need. Nothing else creates a high-grade surface that lasts long and withstands high traffic to a car park area.

Have our professional contractor install the epoxy in your garage space and have the flooring surface repel the toughest forms of damage, chemical stains, and high moisture presence.

Basement with flaked epoxy floor coating

Basement Flooring

If you want to upgrade your basement’s form and function, then Texturock basement epoxy flooring has you covered.

You can transform your most outdated floors drowned in dirt and covered with damage when you have epoxy floor coatings to enhance them.

Residential basement with chipped epoxy floor

Heavy Duty Durable Epoxy Floor Coatings: Your Choices

What Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Right For You? 

Epoxy comes in various types and subtypes. Learn which is the best solution for any of your flooring needs. 

Clear Epoxy

Want something tough to the core, resistant to moisture floor coating? But also want that is less complex, easy on the eye, and has a glossy finish. 

Clear floor epoxy Ancaster is the choice for you.  This epoxy is a two-part resin that forms a strong and waterproof surface layer.

It protects the floors from scuffs and discoloration it is low maintenance too. Have this if you want a clean at all times flooring space.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Have a unique and stylish flooring surface with metallic epoxy. It is made by combining metallic pigments with base epoxy.

That results in a shiny, steel-like shine metallic epoxy floors Ancaster.

Chip Epoxy Floor

Chip epoxy floors provide a long-lasting and attractive upgrade for any flooring. This type of flooring is composed of a blend of epoxy and various chips, resulting in an alluring and distinctive appearance.

Chip epoxy floors are straightforward, making them an excellent selection for residential and business uses. Get this ultimately for your superior quality garage epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flake Coating

Like the chip patterns, flake epoxy also has decorative and durable properties.

Flaked pigments are broadcasted over the base epoxy upon installation, which creates an eye-catching flooring design. This is your choice when you want to create a colorful combination of epoxy.

3D Epoxy

Have your favorite graphic images or logos printed on the floor surface with 3D epoxy. This epoxy type can create a variety of out-of-the-box designs. 

This is perfect for commercial areas or industrial floors to feature a company name or brand for your audience to see your brand identity concretely.

 But you can also have this at y our homes to entertain and catch the gaze of your visitors. 

Self-leveling Epoxy

Self-leveling epoxy is a specialized two-part liquid that creates a smooth, seamless finish on floors. You need this to cover up hard-to-reach overhead cracks on worn-out concrete floors.

It sets quickly once it touches the surface of the floors. Then it makes an even layer of coating with minimal effort to spread or pour the compound on the floor.

It is also used on countertops and other surfaces, resulting in a durable, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean surface.


Anti-Static Epoxy

Another specialized form of epoxy usually comes in a clear compound. If you have a space that is prone to emitting static as electronic labs or stores, this is the product of your choice. 

If you need more flooring applications that can be tailored to fit your needs, contact our team! We got you covered with more custom epoxy flooring choices.

Epoxy Terrazzo

This type of epoxy combines with decorative debris such as gravel, aggregates, sand, glass shards, and metal.

It results in highly attractive floors perfect for stylish interiors and even exteriors with high traffic.

What are the Benefits of Epoxy Floorings?

Epoxy floors are tough as concrete and need to be improved in maintenance. It is a good choice for providing safety and your investment’s worth. 

Here are more reasons why epoxy floors are worth it:

  • Durability: Epoxy floors are durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and exposure to chemicals and moisture.
  • Low maintenance: Epoxy floors are very low-maintenance and require little cleaning or polishing.
  • Aesthetics: Epoxy floors are available in various colors and finishes, so you can choose a look that matches your décor.
  • Safety: Epoxy floors are non-slip, making them a safe choice for high-traffic areas.


Hire the Expert! Texturock Epoxy Floor Contractors

Texturock Epoxy Floor Contractors are the experts in epoxy flooring.  We have been in business for over 20 years and have installed epoxy floors in homes, businesses, and industrial facilities all over the Ancaster area and its nearby cities in Ontario.

We aim to provide you with the best quality and service. Count on us for a reliable hard-core service for all concrete floor needs! Let us extend our expert services to you. Here is more that you should know about us!

  • We use only the highest quality concrete floor and epoxy coating materials. Our artistry is second to none.
  • We offer a wide variety of epoxy flooring options to fit your need. You can choose chip epoxy, flake coating, 3D epoxy, self-leveling epoxy, anti-static epoxy, and epoxy terrazzo.
  • We can customize your epoxy floor to match your specific needs and budget.
  • Our epoxy floors are durable, stylish, and easy to maintain.
  •  They are also a great way to add value to your home or business.
Building contractor smiling

Contact Texturock Epoxy Floor Contractors today to schedule a free consultation.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you choose the perfect epoxy flooring option. We look forward to hearing from you! Professional Epoxy Flooring Installation in Ancaster

Areas of Installation

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Gym spaces
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Office spaces
  • School halls
  • Mess halls
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing spaces
  • Malls
  • Forklift areas


Call Texturock Epoxy floor solutions: TRUSTED Epoxy Flooring Installers in Ancaster

Professional epoxy flooring installation right at your doorstep. We deliver our services on a clutch! We have you covered if you want reliable, trusted, and highly skilled local contractors in Ancaster!

Talk to our team today, and we will visit your site for evaluation. Free-quote!  We give no-obligation field visits for all Ancaster residents and property owners!

Call us today, and let’s talk you epoxy flooring solutions! The best service and products await!

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