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Texturock, your home-grown team of expert contractors and installers, delivers you high-quality flooring solutions. We got you covered. Now bringing your concrete floors into the next level is a clear epoxy coating. This coating product offers superb results among commercial and industrial facilities.

Take a closer look at clear epoxy for you to start planning to resurface your concrete floors. Servicing you all through the Ontario area, Texturock is your number provider of epoxy floor coatings.

What is Clear Epoxy Floor Coating: Features and Benefits

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wide epoxy flooring space

Industrial spaces got massive floors. The standard flooring requirements must meet durability and high resistance. 

A clear epoxy coating provides efficiency in both form and function to high-foot traffic areas. The transparent resin material offers efficient usability and seamless, polished results to spaces that are always in action.

Clear epoxy is commonly used among these areas:

  • School facilities- cafeterias, gym, locker rooms
  • Sports facilities – locker rooms, shower rooms, covered courts
  • Commercial facilities – bathrooms, storage rooms, showrooms
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Residential space – kitchen, basement, garage floors, 

Clear epoxy coating provides the following benefits:

  • Durability– a clear resin coating gives superior strength to the floors. Epoxy resin is a 100% solid material. No solvent added. The concrete surface enhances. 

It becomes durable so that no massive impact can cause harm and mage on the surface. Epoxy sustains the floor’s seamless and polished surfaces. 

  • Low VOC – epoxy resin has zero volatile organic compounds or (VOC). VOC‘s are known as harmful emissions of porous and corrosive materials such as a floor’s cement. But a concrete floor improved with epoxy coating makes it an anti-VOC. 
  • Low Odor – low odor flooring solutions such as clear epoxy is a perfect and safe material for industrial and functional spaces. This benefits during the installation process. 

Most of the time, construction activities are unsafe because of chemical fumes with harmful scent. With a flooring coating that emits low Odor while installation, people‘s business goes on. It is also safe for use by contractors and workers.

  • Eco-Friendly – combining low-odor and low VOC provides a material that is generally safe to use. Installing the resin coating does not give a distraction the surrounding. Using the product with experts will ensure the process is employed safely, with a low-risk construction or installation hazard.
  • Chemical Resistance- the pure solid resin material creates a high-resistant surface. It functions in several different ways. 

One is chemical-resistance. Clear epoxy makes a surface repel reaction from chemicals. 

  • Slip Resistance- the resinous coating provides a dense and high-traction surface. This makes the floors less slippery. That is why this coating material is a must-have among productive facilities.
  • User-friendly- the clear epoxy is easy to install. As a resinous product, it consists of a self-dispersing and self-leveling property. It quickly spreads and covers the concrete surface. It quickly settles into a solid component once it adheres to the concrete surfacing.
  • Quick-Cure- the epoxy coating cures fast. Its maximum curing period is up to 72 hours. This is also why epoxy flooring is the best solution for commercial and industrial areas.

Also, depending on the coating requirement, for light traffic areas that only use a thin clear coat, the floors will be available to walk on in just half of the day.

  • Polished Floors- A stunning floor is not only reflected with an elaborate design. Clear, pure polished flooring looks flawless and seamless. Bright clear footing to walk on merely is appealing. 
  • Versatile Coating- A clear epoxy does not only suit indoor floors. It is also used among outdoor concrete, especially for protective and anti-slip purposes.


  • Waterproof- This is a type of resin that is applied as a liquid and then hardens into a solid, protective surface. The epoxy becomes a sealer on the floor’s surface, preventing water and other liquids from penetrating. Additionally, epoxy is a thermosetting polymer, which means it is resistant to heat and chemicals and provides a waterproof barrier.

  • Easy-to-clean- Clear epoxy forms a hard, smooth surface that prevents dirt or debris from sticking to it. Additionally, epoxy is resistant to many chemicals and stains, making it easy to wipe or mop clean. The glossy finish of a clear epoxy coating also makes it easy to spot any dirt or stains, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning.

  • Long-lasting- This epoxy forms a hard, durable surface that can withstand much wear and tear. Epoxy is a thermosetting plastic that hardens and sets when exposed to heat. This curing process makes the epoxy strong and resistant to abrasion, impact, and chemicals. Additionally, clear epoxy coatings are UV resistant, preventing yellowing and cracking from sun exposure. The smooth and sealed surface of a clear epoxy coating also means it is less likely to absorb liquids and stains, which can cause damage over time. All these factors make clear epoxy flooring a durable and long-lasting option.

Clear Floor Epoxy Application Process

The clear finish of the epoxy-based coating usually serves as a topcoat. It is more commonly applied among busy indoor floors. 

Several important things to consider for epoxy coating application, either indoor or outdoor. Any professional installer would carefully bear in mind the following: 

  • Mixture Preparation- it is a must to get the right consistency of the coating mixture. This will ensure seamless results that will not chip, peel, bulk, or craze, especially for thin-film requirements.
  • Film Thickness- An installer has to take note of the film thickness. An indoor floor has a different requirement from an outdoor floor. 
  • Temperature Requirement- Timing is key. An expertly installed epoxy coating needs a particular temperature at a specific time for curing and application. 

An expert contractor will tell you if the coating fits a particular day. Experts will foresee the weather conditions and will have to schedule the right time for applying the epoxy.

Epoxy cures correctly at 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your location and area condition.

  • Curing Time- a thin clear topcoat can cure within 4-5 hours. A standard curing time for most applications is at 20 hours at max. Complete curing for high-traffic and massive areas with a perfect result is at seven days maximum.

Steps for Coating Installation:

Step 1: Concrete Preparation

The floor needs preliminary preparation. This includes cleaning and grinding the surface of the concrete floor. For functional and massive spaces. Grinding is necessary. The area needs to be emptied first. Before any procedure is employed. 

Step 2: Grinding Process

Since a clear coat will finish the floors, grinding is necessary. This step will ensure that the finished outcome will reveal a seamless, flawless surface. The residue of any old coating will be completely erased. We are paving the way for a clear and clean layer on top.

Step 3: Base Coating

It can be an option to apply a base coating first. Most of the time, experts will use this. In this way, the installers will provide a proper and thorough coating. This is also their secret to sturdy flooring. A base coat is the foundation of every concrete resurfacing. The first layers are the ones that provide an effective and efficient coating.

Step 4: Topcoat

To create a seamless, even coating, a final layer is applied. The clear coat also provides protective layers. This is where the resistant properties function.

Every layer of the coating process plays an important role. They ensure to create the concrete toughness of all floors that people walk on must provide. When put together correctly, every part of the property will be a safe and better place.

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