Chip Epoxy Flooring Mississauga, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Burlington

If you need an up to the minute decorative resurfacing for the garage floor and other busy areas in your residential and commercial properties, chip epoxy flooring is for you. Texturock got you covered by providing the best-rated epoxy floor coatings and concrete floor repair services. Only Texturock knows how to bring to the table smart flooring systems as Chip Epoxy Mississauga, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Burlington. 


Our company is locally operated and located in Canada. We work with a reliable team of flooring experts and contractors to render every project fast. Our company desires to bring effective and concrete floor solutions to every local home and business owner in Canada.


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Clean & Contemporary Paint Chips for Garage Epoxy Flooring Hamilton

Contemporary style and colorful designs are your next garage floor coating trend to follow. Chip epoxy coating transforms chaotic concrete floor surfaces into an easy to clean, bacteria-resistant, and high-functioning flooring system.


The pieces of vinyl and paint flakes added to the epoxy make the coating more durable, slip-resistant with added traction, and aesthetically pleasing.

Why should you have chip epoxy flooring Mississauga? Here are more reasons for you to have it.


  • Seamless chip epoxy flooring
  • Uv stable floors
  • Super resistant to stain
  • Chemical resistant
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • 100% pure solid materials
  • No to low VOC and prevents growth of bacteria

Vinyl paint chips, quartz, and flakes embellish the ordinary epoxy floor coatings. The final product turns into a decorative flooring pattern, especially for a garage floor epoxy. The resin-enhanced concrete floor fortifies with chip and flake additives. The paint chips also give a distinct texture that gives it an artistic and dynamic look. 


Imagine a durable concrete floor sealed with long-lasting epoxy with a paint chip and vinyl flakes additive. Only chip epoxy gives you 3X strength! Chip epoxy floor is the one if you want to be sure you get a long-lasting floor coating.

Color Chart of Chip Epoxy: Outdoor & Indoor

Tough garage floor coatings can as well exude classy, pop-art contemporary concrete designs when you choose the right color sets and combinations. Chemicals, oils, and grimes, and grease often mix up in garages. The concrete floors in these areas need constant upkeep. And a smart garage floor coating solution to keep in style even if it gets regular exposure to heavy tools and falling objects.

It is not enough that garage floors are easy to clean. Stylish patterns should come into play, too. Browse our chip flooring patterns and pictures. Get inspired to choose the suitable colors and style for your spaces.

Chip epoxy has a distinct design that can make existing cracks or chipping on the floor surface disappear before your eyes. Prepared here are the color charts for various patterns, solid base coat, and metallic floor coating.

Popular Chip Floor Epoxy Colors includes:


Standard Epoxy CHIP COLORS:

  • Domino Accents 
  • Camel
  • Merlot
  • Denim Accents
  • Yosemite Accents

The colors you see in our chart are colors mostly found among garages. You can have your local contractor and epoxy installer custom mix a color for you. Or browse a local epoxy company’s color chart, such as Texturock. A professional epoxy installer can custom create specialized paints chips combinations.

You can also combine chip coatings with a metallic epoxy coating or monotone metallic colors.

Monotone Epoxy Colors

  • Primary Colors
  • Neutral Gray Tones


  • Pearl Wihte
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Royal Purple
  • Green Forest
  • Balck granite
  • Blue Granite
  • Caramel
  • sienna


Create your own paint chips color and customize your garage floors. Contact your local epoxy installer near you. Texturock offers up-to-date color charts so, call now @ 905-973-2540! Free Estimate!

The Process: Durability and Lifespan

What makes chip epoxy the most revolutionary epoxy coating so far? It is with adding paint chips to create a more durable feature to the pure solid epoxy material. In terms of design, this flooring upgrade combines strength and style in one.

Making chip epoxy flooring involves three crucial factors: installation, area of traffic, and maintenance. See below how each factor affects your decision to have chip epoxy flooring.

Chip Epoxy Floor Installation and Maintenance

DIY epoxy floor trends look fun and cost-saving for you. But before you go down that road. Get a basic idea first of what goes on with the epoxy floor installation process. Three main steps for you to take note of:


Floor reparation.

Preparing the floors includes grinding the concrete surface and patching holes and cracks.


Application of Epoxy with chip flakes. 

The application process will start with a base coat. The base coat for the chip epoxy floor is composed of two coatings. First, apply a primer coat using a roller brush. The epoxy installer uses an industrial-grade epoxy with low viscosity. Doing so will allow the coating to penetrate fully with the concrete slab.

Next is to roll on the surface and intermediate coat or a design-color base coat. The base design coat sets up the color for the epoxy floor you want to appear in and is much thicker than the primer.

Then complete the coating with chip paints and flakes. These are broadcasted over the first coating while it cures. Broadcasting the vinyl chips and flakes makes it appear obvious and not mixed within the coating. As the owner, you can ask the professional installer to have variations to the chip patterns. You can go for a coarse chip pattern or fine patterns.


Finishing with a Sealer.

Lastly, finish the epoxy flooring with a urethane sealer. In this way, the chips and flames will be covered and protected. The flooring surface will become easy to clean and polished looking as well. The concrete floor with a clear coating finish will last long, protecting it from chemicals, heavy traffic, and moisture.

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