Reasons to choose epoxy this 2021: Top 7 Picks Just for You

From the previous post, you learn amazing facts about epoxy. But even with knowing exciting things about it, you may still have doubts if epoxy flooring is the best option. Right? Turn up your spaces and garage flooring Hamilton with the coolest features of epoxy.

Read on today’s blog! Get here the up-to-date reasons to choose epoxy for your flooring system at home and your business areas! The top seven are picked just for you!

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1 - Surpasses the Life of Any Regular Flooring

Nothing else can match with epoxy floor’s durability. If you have not heard it yet, the it can last up to 35 years. The floors become super tough when covered by the epoxy floor coating.

Durability is one of the top reasons garage areas, commercial properties, and industrial flooring choose epoxy. Here are more of why epoxy floors last long:

  • Resist heavy impact of falling heavy object
  • It does not break easily due to the compact and dense surface
  • It does not break and become brittle under high heat
  • Resist acid from chemicals
  • Repels grease, oils, and other tough stains
  • Waterproof

2- Installs in Just a Day

You have heard it all before. Epoxy is the one-day flooring. You can check out resin art videos and witness how fast a thick layer cures. It looks like a plastic material when it solidifies. However, the epoxy used for the flooring areas is as hard as concrete. 


When the film of epoxy floor coating adheres to a hard surface, the materials become one unit attached n the flooring. It seems that nothing is installed separately. The process of installing it takes a few days. 


Give epoxy at least 72 to 96 hours to completely cure. For multiple coating, you will need utmost 7 to 5 days. But as soon as you apply the first coating of the epoxy to your floors, it just needs half a day, and you can walk on the surface already.


3- Epoxy Floors for Sanitary Spaces

Are you tired of worrying if your homes or industrial spaces are in perfect shape? Do you want zero bacteria looming around your rooms? You can have these! You can live worry-free when you seal your flooring areas with chip flake epoxy. This kind of epoxy flooring mix chip and vinyl paint flakes additives in it. 

4- Epoxy Brightens up Space

In this modern age, homes need to be brighter and more comfortable to live in. A clear coat epoxy often finds its use among garage areas. Places like these are often dark, dull, and gory. 

Gorgeous spaces emerge from these. It is all possible with epoxy floor coating. Shiny floors sure come out when polished, but you can enhance a seamless flooring further when you apply a resinous layer over it.

5- Epoxy is Sustainable

An epoxy floor will not break or crack after so many years unless a natural disaster occurs. But even if the flooring cracks, epoxy mortar fillers can do the trick. It fixes the floors in no time. Plus, it adds strength to the flooring slabs. It is sustainable by adding years to the floor’s life.

6- Epoxy Got the Most Innovative Designs

No other type of flooring coating offers quality aesthetics other than epoxy. It got dozens of design possibilities. Whatever trend you see today, you will no doubt see it on epoxy floors the following day.

With the help of digital printing and design, you can print realistic images on your floors. 3D epoxy floor installation can design favourite characters or scenes in your steps at home.

More clients will visit your shops, stores, and other retail space with stunning designs to greet them in your areas.

7- Epoxy Floors for Soundproofing

Last but not least. An epoxy floor is the best choice for soundproofing. It is true for you if you are already tired of mats and carpets that can turn muggy and outdated after some time. Did you know that anti-static epoxy can make a safe space by making light and energy bounce off the dense surface? 

The thick coating also repels sound waves bouncing hard on the flooring surface. That is also why sports facilities and gymnasiums sound quiet on the outside. But as you enter, all the noise is absorbed inside where the action is ongoing.

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