Is Polyurea Better Than Epoxy?

Are you thinking of getting a garage floor to revamp?

The top garage floor coating materials you probably have been stuck choosing are polyurea and epoxy. What is the difference between the two?

In the quest for the ultimate flooring solution in Ontario, Canada, homeowners and business owners alike find themselves weighing Polyurea vs Epoxy. Texturock, a leader in innovative flooring solutions, is here to guide you through this decision, ensuring your flooring not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

epoxy floor

Good thing you came to today’s article! Find out the integral features of each garage coating. Then, as you finish reading, choose what is the best one for you.

Check out below a quick summary comparing polyaspartic polyurea vs. epoxy floor.




100 Solid %

  • Two-part component
  • Low solid resin  polyurethane + aliphatic polyurea hybrid
  • 100% solids with Two-part component Polymer resin & hardener


  • High heat resistance
  • Stain and chemical resistant


  • Mono tones and single-unit design
  • Customizable designs, create multiple color combinations and patterns

Quick Cure

  • 1-day complete cure
  • 2-3 days curing
  • Up to 3 weeks complete curing

UV-light Stable

  • Stable 
  • Gets brittle when exposed to heat and UV rays

Flexible Surface

  • Flexible under extreme heat; floor coating won’t crack
  • Maybe prone to breaking and cracking when exposed to heat

Heat Resistance

  • YES
  • No; requires adding acrylic based coating to withstand heat

The Difference: Epoxy Vs. Polyurea

In comparing polyurea and epoxy, it’s essential to evaluate the differences in application, cost, maintenance, and preparation time, along with their adhesion, protection, and performance advantages and disadvantages, to determine the best flooring solution for your needs.

Before you come up with your final choice of which one is the better floor coating for your garage, set your standards first. What factors do you need to consider for building garage floorings and other durable concrete surfaces regarding high functioning floors and heavy traffic spaces? 

You also ask yourself where you will use the floors for? Is it enough to have it repel stains? Is enhancing water resistance good enough? 

Here take a look at the things that influence a high performing flooring: like you epoxy or polyurea floors:

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • High-End Simplicity
  • Super resistance
  • Fast Installation

Durable Garage Floors

In terms of durability, innovative floors like epoxy and urethane floor coatings are the best in the industry so far.


Both these trending flooring materials match the features of concrete floors. The concrete surface is enhanced in terms of strength, increasing the floor’s lifespan, too.

Super Stain Resistance

Take a closer look at your garage floors. What often occurs in these types of spaces? Garage areas are friends to grease, grime, and many other garage chemicals, even paints, and that, when ignored, will be hard to remove. 


Now both the epoxy and polyaspartic polyurea forms a glossy surface. Urethane and resin floor coatings create a self-leveling effect on the floor. The materials provide a shiny film that coats the concrete flooring.


The smooth surface makes it easy to wipe and clean.

Anti-Slippery Surface

Epoxy has a smooth, polished surface, while the polyaspartic polyurea floors have a subtle texture. 

Although these floor coating materials have different results in terms of surface texture, the same results come out. 

A glossy, smooth, even epoxy surface provides excellent slip resistance. And the polyaspartic floors would not fall behind. 


To be perfectly honest, the polyurea polyaspartic floors (one-day coating) go head to head with epoxy. It even surpasses it in certain aspects. You will see that the one-day floor coating creates a subtle texture. In a close up the surface seems and feels like having a rough grainy-like texture.

This texture is a result of the crystallizing effect that happens when the coating dries up. Plus, this texture also prevents the surface from being slippery. It became even denser and got enhanced traction. 

Aesthetics: Custom Design Vs. Common Pattern

Lastly, to help you pin down your ultimate choice and enhance your experience with the product, learn more about how you envision your garage space’s appearance. 

Considering the aesthetic appeal, epoxy coatings offer a lot of benefits, including a wide range of colors and the ability to withstand damage from temperatures and moisture, providing your garage with a dynamic design or a coherent look. For mono-design coherence, products with quick application times and UV resistance are your best option.

On the other hand, when you want to revamp the garage floors with creative applications, epoxy floor coatings allow for limitless designs, letting you customize the space to align with any theme you can imagine, despite some drawbacks like less resistance to certain types of damage.

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