Polyurea Polyaspartic 101: The Best Choice for the Brave

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From the previous post, you have got a close look comparing polyurea-polyaspartic and epoxy. Now let all eyes turn to polyurea floors! In today’s post, find out all about the one-day coating, its best benefits, and how to use it! Also, get the answer to your fearless question: How much does the polyurea floor coating cost? Is it worth it?


Are you brave enough to try new things? Say it’s your garage floors, and for the longest time, you have been using epoxy. It has undeniable benefits. But it’s time for a change. 

Polyurea-polyaspartic, the one-day coating, is now the top choice for garage floors.

But what might make you back off from choosing this is the cost? The one-day polyurea coating is more expensive than epoxy. No wonder you have to put your sleeves up and weigh all costs for yourself. 

There are several reasons. However, that makes these floors worth it! For the brave ones, they look beyond the price. 

Here are things to look forward to when choosing the one-day coating.

1. Choose One-Day Garage Floor Coating for Outdated Epoxy Flooring

Even if you say that epoxy reapplication is possible, a new type of material will save your time from frequent reapplication. 

2. Choose One-Day Floor Coating for Perfection

Maybe, the perfect word is an overrated remark for a simple coating. But when it comes to the garage areas, this fits just right! Good things come for those who are brave, aiming for perfection.


Polyurea floors are made for perfect garage floorings. Using this balances the form and function. One may argue that you cannot achieve much beauty and patterns with the quick curing poly aspartic. However, no other flooring can meet ALL that a garage area requires.

garage space with polyurea floor coating

As for perks, the style revolves around functional qualities. To name a few, here is a list of valuable advantages of polyurea coating

  • Chemical resistant surface
  • Waterproofing
  • Stain-resistant
  • Flexibility under heat
  • UV-ray Stability


Get all these in one. Compared to having many layers of epoxy and other materials. Coating the floor all at once is nothing else but perfect.

3. Choose One-Day Coating for Simplicity and Usability

To see the beauty in what looks plain in polyureas makes one a real brave garage owner. Rather than flaunting colors and patterns, the owner makes excellent use of its seamless monolith appearance.


Look closely, and the quick cure coating forms a distinct texture. The resin material that it contains also displays a delicate, stunning look. The surface gives a hint of sand-like particles that makes the surface shiny and smooth-looking. Despite a coarse surface touch, it boasts an incredible simplicity that makes you want to get in action in the garage.

4. Choose One-Day Coating for Cost-Effectivity

With the polyaspartic types of coating, you will surely get what you pay for. You can view this coating as an enhanced epoxy made for better resistance. 


No one chooses polyaspartic coatings for only decorative use. The one who chooses this aims to use a space for productivity, ready to face all the mess that garage work brings! Make sure that you use it for high-performing areas.

garage flooring with polyurea polyaspartic


The polyurea-polyaspartic coatings are highly recommended for garage floors. Make sure to let expert garage installers create your feet. Doing so will ensure that what you pay is worth it.

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