What Makes Metallic Epoxy Different That You Should Have It

Traces of metallic decorations will still appear next year. So what better idea that you can incorporate in your home’s interiors than Metallic Epoxy Hamilton floors.

metallic epoxy floor

A popular online interior designing website, NewDecorTrends.com, released its forecast on the upcoming 2022 trends. Metals and marbles are still in vogue. 


That fact brings you to today’s post. All about metallic epoxy flooring ahead!

Metallic Epoxy Floors Unraveled

Epoxy flooring is a valuable addition to homes and profitable spaces. With epoxy floor coatings, any space becomes functional. 

Imagine the flooring surfaces in your properties bring you safety, style, and top-tier product all in one. Here’s a quick review of what makes the epoxy flooring a must-have:

  • Anti-slippery floors
  • Glossy, polished surface for a high-end look
  • Seamless flooring surface that increases productivity
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance flooring that is cost-saving
  • Clear, smooth surface for appeal
  • Customizable and innovative flooring designs

And now, what makes the metallic epoxy flooring distinct is that it uses metallic paint chips.

What are the metallic paint chips, and what do they do?


The metallic additives are mixed into the epoxy coating. While preparing the resin compounds, glitter-like vinyl chip paints go in it. The result is an epoxy coating mix that glistens.

Will adding powdered-like material reduce the quality of a pure solid material? Absolutely NO! Look again at the benefits mentioned above. The metallic epoxy is no different. It remains super-functional and super-resistant, making it one of the preferred epoxy garage flooring.

Here are the basic steps that go with installing it to make a clear distinction of the metallic epoxy.

  • Base Coating
  • Design Coating
  • Final Coating

Next, get familiar with the two ways or systems of applying the metallic coating.

One-Base Colour Coating: The first option or system is to mix the metallic additives on a clear epoxy coating. Mix and roll the epoxy on the surface, and voila! It’s good to go!

Second Base Coating: This step will also serve as the design coating. What happens here is that instead of mixing the metallic additives into a clear coat of epoxy, the installer will pour or broadcast the additives after the monotone base coat is applied on the surface.

The glittery chip paints will blend and dissolve into the coating mix while the base coating cures. As a result, a marbling pattern that shines and glimmers will appear on the surface.

Reasons for Metallic Epoxy: Good and Bad

No need to have second thoughts if you are sure to apply a metallic epoxy. The key to using it is to plan out where the metallic flooring design will fit. Next is to know the downsides of using it to avoid and reverse its undesirable outcome.


Metallic epoxy creates a shimmering effect on the floors. This appearance will look great among garage areas where a dirty floor often appears. Also, basement flooring will benefit from a radiant floor to make the darkroom look vibrant and bright.


Here are more good reasons for metallic floors epoxy:

  • Unique appearance, a distinct metal-like design that appeals to contemporary spaces
  • The metallic marbling pattern camouflages stains and greasy mess on the floors
  • The shining floors add brightness to a dimly lit room like the garage and basement
  • High resistance from grease, oil, and chemicals
  • It shines, but it is not slippery
  • Sanitary flooring that repels bacteria build-up


Metallic epoxy has some drawbacks, too. But this does not mean you should avoid resurfacing with metallic epoxy. You need to understand the cons to plan your cost and look for a valuable space to invest metallic floors with.

Here are the wrong reasons to avoid when having metallic epoxy.

  • Cost: Epoxy flooring is expensive. That is why installers recommend using profitable spaces like showrooms, workshops, and other commercial rooms with metallic flooring designs.
  • Skill: Applying epoxy, especially this one with decorative additives, needs special skills. Sorry to say, but you need expertise on epoxy applications. Avoid DIY epoxy flooring and ask the assistance of professional flooring installers and designers.

Aesthetics: Decorating with metallic designs is a tricky task. That is why you need to think wisely about installing floors that feel and look like steel.

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