Is the Metallic Epoxy Floor Both for Indoor and Outdoor?

A functional floor does not only offer a sound and a sturdy surface to walk on. Metallic epoxy floor exudes style and elegance. Most commercial spaces use epoxy flooring for its well-crafted design and build.

Epoxy is suitable for both interior and exterior concrete. It mainly serves as a protective coating. It is the best match for concrete, increasing the floor’s strength. It also comes in multiple colors and types.

Metallic epoxy is one of its distinct types. It is known for the lustrous design and opalescent texture. Now you might be planning for revamping some areas at home.

Metallic floors are best among garages and spaces for commercial purposes. The floors are an instant attraction. Even if a busy pace like a retail store can catch attention. The appeal satisfies an eye for exquisite patterns and design. You might be wondering if metallic is the right choice for both indoor and outdoor.

Let’s get to know more about the wonders of metallic styled flooring in this blog.

Indoor floor metallic epoxy
Outdoor floor metallic epoxy

How is the metal-like sheen achieved?

The epoxy mixture, when combined with metallic chip paints, will result in a gleaming surface. Glitter like texture enhances the look of floors. Like other types of epoxy flooring, the concrete becomes skid-resistant and stain-resistant. The cost-efficiency and low maintenance quality of floors remain.

The glittery pigments give a dimensional effect on the floor. It looks more pronounced when metallic chips are used in contrasting tones of colors.

Where to use metallic epoxy?

Garages are a suitable niche for metallic epoxy. Enclosed, dimly lit areas can achieve a different lighting effect. A glimmering, shiny flooring can be a natural source of light. Glittery pigment on the floor reacts to light. It exudes luster and a distinct shine that adds brightness to the floor.

Metallic garage floors are trending in both residential and commercial properties. The benefits of opalescent flooring extend into the interiors of homes such as kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms.

How about the Outdoors?

Epoxy with metallic additives is highly resistant to abrasions, stains and does not easily crack. Also, if extreme heat is generated in the area, metallic epoxy flooring does not quickly react.

Since you have been interested in metallic floors, you might be wondering f it will function the same outdoors? You have probably heard about the high-performance of concrete floors coated with epoxy sealers. Like the patio and pool decks, an epoxy based-coating is applied on the surface for a protective layer.

Epoxy is ideal for indoor for its resistance factor. However, it does not do well under rainwater. An acrylic coating is applied as a top layer or final coating for the epoxy sealer to withstand extreme outdoor weather and the impact of saltwater.

Adaptive Customizable Flooring

With innovation and the right techniques, you will not limit your creativity. Epoxy flooring is an excellent way for you to start DIY home improvement. If you want to get experimental with metallic floors used outdoors, an open garage is a good idea. 

If you want it to extend outdoors, a good theme or exterior motif will give justice to the very distinctive metal-like floorings design. Be sure to coat any epoxy sealers with a protective acrylic coating to withstand weathering.


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