How long does epoxy floor paint last?

An epoxy flooring can last long as 20 years. Yes, that is right! That is over a decade of durable, functional flooring resistant to aging, damages and heavy use. And, there is more! If you take care of your concrete floorings, these floor materials can live up to 30 years. 

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What is Epoxy Floor Paint

Before you doubt epoxy’s durability, have some clarity first. Confusion may arise if you are referring to an epoxy enhanced product, such as epoxy paint. Have some clarity first. An epoxy floor is different from an epoxy-paint material. Epoxy floor paint Burlington or epoxy floor painting is a product of resin and hardeners. These are pure-solid materials.


An epoxy-painting is latex or acrylic-based paints enhanced with a few drops or a small amount of epoxy substance. The paint remains a liquid material. Paints are water-based solvents that, when washed thoroughly with water, will fade. Epoxy floor coating does not dissolve over the concrete surface even when poured with water or solvent solutions.


These reasons are why epoxy floorings are the number one choice of garage owners and flooring contractors in the Hamilton area and nearby Ancaster, Mississauga. This floor coating is a smart choice for store or retail owners.

How fast epoxy floor paint dries?

Now, get deeper about epoxy. Are you one of those DIY goers asking how long does epoxy lasts after being mixed? Epoxies dry within 24-72 hours. Applying the epoxy floor paint is a professional’s job. Once the epoxy mix touches the concrete surface, it will quickly turn into a solid thick film coating. It makes a unified piece of the flooring slabs, as a result.

Factors to Consider When Resurfacing with Epoxy Floor Coating

  • Area of Application

Where will you apply epoxy? There are parts of the house where the light and temperature do not meet epoxy’s drying elements. An expert installer should consider the right amount of heat and air Garage concrete flooring is spacious and can resist moisture build-up perfect with epoxy. 

Home basements may be more tricky. An epoxy flooring contractor must know how humid it will be for epoxy installation.

  • Cost to Consider

Cost-savings are crucial if you are choosing to do DIY or professional epoxy installation. But if you got a three-car garage size, you need the experts who brought the gears and tools to finish the job at the proper time.

If you opt for IY, you might be looking into using the materials on-a budget, and one way to save fees is to use just what you need. Excess epoxy is difficult to throw away. Once it hardens on your mixing bucket, the materials will not be suitable for use anymore if you will not get the exact type of epoxy thinner to mix the cured resin once again.

  • Thickness of Epoxy Coating to Use

Epoxy curing time will also depend on how thick the coating will be. Bear in mind. You need to get the right amount for a base coat, design coat, and the final coat. A standard base coat will have a 5mm to 1cm film. 

Users prefer to use up to 3-5 inches of design and base coating thickness. A final thin film coating finishes the layers of coatings.

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