The Difference Between Epoxy Coating and Epoxy Paint

Today, many will claim they are the best products for improving your garage flooring. Epoxy coating products, however, is the one that convinced many businesses and homeowners!

To begin your garage makeover, the first step for you is probably painting the floors. But, why not depart from the conventional paints and start using epoxy coating today!

Now, you may ask, what is the difference between epoxy coating and other paint products? You may already hear about epoxy paint, and wonder if that gives the same results with epoxy coating. To guide you, here are pointers for you to know more about epoxy coating and how it is different with epoxy paint.

What is Epoxy Coating?

polyurea polyaspartic floor niagara fallsPaint products today will use additives, such as epoxy, to enhance the outcome. Epoxy paint are products that consist of 50 % epoxy and 50% solvent. When the epoxy is added, the paint material produces a glossy finish on a surface after being applied.

Despite the resin-like outcome of the concrete,  applying epoxy paint does not imitate the quality of a pure epoxy coating.

Epoxy is a resin that comes from reactive compounds known as polyepoxides. This type of compound makes surface materials harder, making it durable. Furthermore, epoxy coating is a type of sealant or finishing product that hardens on the floor, creating a dense, protective layer. No need for paints anymore!

Epoxy Coating is not Epoxy Paint

garage epoxy floor BurlingtonDo not mistake epoxy coating with epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is most part liquid, while the epoxy coating is a mix of solid materials. Applying epoxy coating creates a multi-layered surface, making it resistant to multiple impacts. So, if you want a more durable outcome, epoxy coating is the one for you.

Epoxy coating is two-part solid materials. The first part is resin then, mixed with a polyamine hardener. The combination of compounds produces a 100% solid epoxy, making a sturdy and smooth surface. The major difference in epoxy paint is, it is only half part epoxy. It is a paint that needs to dry once applied.

Epoxy Flooring is Best for Decorating Your Garage

garage flooring hamiltonGarage floors have more purposes that you may not discover yet. Homeowners prefer their garage as storage, hiding its functionality behind messy boxes and heavy equipment.  So, if you have decided to renovate your garage space for a sustainable, easy to maintain workshop, you will need an epoxy coating for your floors.

On the other hand, epoxy paints are best for decorating your garage walls and cabinets. When it comes to uplifting the look of your garage flooring, your first and final resort should be an epoxy coating.

Epoxy Coating Makes Polished Residential floor than Paint

concrete kitchen floor resurfacingYou will be able to tell a more significant difference between the epoxy coating and epoxy paint through the results.

Usually, epoxy flooring will wear and tear in a few years. Epoxy coating can last up to 10 years, making epoxy coating perfect, especially for residential areas.

Homeowners usually resort to epoxy paint because it is cheaper. However, with epoxy coating, you can create special effects that enhance a flooring system. 

Applying the epoxy coating is faster compared with epoxy paint that takes time to completely dry.

Using epoxy paint slows down the work and may encounter accidental smudges while waiting for it to dry. Instead of saving your resources, reworking your paint will cost more.

Don’t waste your time choosing the wrong material. Now that you know the difference of epoxy coating from epoxy paint, you can wisely decide what specific product will fit your home and garage improvement needs.

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