Concrete Patios: 3 Best Design to Cherish

There has been a sudden shift among home improvement warriors nowadays. The current trend? Turing the balconies, patios, and backyards into an outdoor living room. Cherish the referring scene of nature with your indoor porches or outdoor living rooms.

That is how homeowners now adapt to a stay-at-home setup. If you are limited to staying at home, why not uplift the properties, starting with the exterior floors. And give a concrete patio Burlington revamp onto your patios, balconies, or garden. 

stamped concrete patio floor

Top 3 Concrete Patio Designs Experts Recommend

Hundreds of designs and innovations now exist, making it hard to choose what best suits your preferences. But there’s no need to think hard. We got the experts to help you and sorted the best three designs perfect for concrete patios.

1. Stamped Designs for Timeless Style

Number one to every expert designer’s list is the stamped patterns. Whether you are a nature lover or not, stamped floors will amaze you. It is easy to love the look of stamps on outdoor floors. 

The stamping gives a natural effect that the steps look like they seamlessly belonged to the soil outdoors. What is even more precious about the stamping technique is that it can reveal various patterns that replicate natural stones, a lovely reminiscent of the beauty of nature.

Your limestone-built house is perfectly standing with an interlocking pattern created with stamped concrete. A stamped concrete patio is a perfect addition, especially to historic houses, like the 1850 Chisholm Home in Hamilton, Ontario. Make yours one belonging to the luxury homes lined along the Hamilton streets.

stamped concrete patio floor with a metal chair frame

2. Courtyard Styled Natural Stones

Another design that took inspiration from historic homes is a classic courtyard approach. Can you imagine yourself walking down the porch steps headed to the green-filled courtyard in front of the house?

Complete the steps to build natural stones. Make a seamless look installing raw polished concrete along the courtyard steps leading up to your porch. Get inspired from “The Cliff,” a Gregorian limestone home along Bull’s lane Ontario.

Instead of leaving a bare soil entryway, replicate the natural limestone with some decorative concrete application.

patio floor with natural stones

3. Patios with Fire Pits

Sometimes building your patios requires you to utilize what is already existing around its exterior. Take, for example, shrubs and brick or concrete walls that surround your backyard and front yards. 

You can maximize these spaces and build an outdoor lounging area here. Utilize that large concrete wall and build a fire pit into it. These designs may also inspire you to create a brick oven somewhere in your stone wall exterior along your yard. 

This design offers comfort, especially when you feel like staying under the stars at night. Light up the wall and complete the whole setup with a concrete floor, finished with decorative stamps or plain, polished concrete.

patio with fire pit


When designing your patios, here are things you need to keep in mind. Design according to nature, design with the materials existing, and make a timeless feature in your properties.

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