5 Tips To Make Commercial Basements Look Like It Came From A Sci-fi Movie

Basements are always thought of as horror movie staples. And they show it to be dark, scary, and dirty. That’s true if you own a commercial area and don’t try to improve it. But we bet you don’t want to be creeped out or scare people away!

Even if the plot of a movie is scary, some of them look better. They have setting designs for sleek, clean, light, and wide basements, like those in action and sci-fi movies. If you want to know why and how to do it, keep reading this blog.

Why Make Basements More Interesting And Futuristic

Sci-fi movies are a significant source of ideas for futuristic interior design. Futurism is a modern style of design that uses more highlighted dynamic lines, good lighting, and a monochromatic palette. You can save a lot of money using its simplicity.  

Let’s say you live in Canada, where frost lines mean that you have to live in a basement apartment. You can make the space cozy by giving your walls and floors the most attention. 

Most basement flooring in Burlington is made of vinyl or some other good foot warmer. It needs to be protected to keep its look and ease of use.

You may even use the basement for business. And in today’s world, even basements must look aesthetically pleasing. All customers can quickly be invited to any space that looks Instagram-worthy.

How To Revamp Cozy Futuristic Commercial Basements

Here are some tips on what to remember when designing walls or ceilings and installing basement flooring.

TIP #1: Use Consistent Colors

A cozy, futuristic design shouldn’t be just white or black. It can also use other colours. As long as the colours stay consistent, it will work. Even rhythmic shapes can be made with colours. The colours and patterns for epoxy, vinyl, and other basement floor coverings fit this style.

TIP #2: Waterproof Your Basement Flooring

Living in cold places like Canada must have waterproof basement flooring. It is a sure way to protect your basement from water or moisture, no matter what design you put in it. 

Basement floor waterproofing consists of epoxy and polyurea sealing or coating and installing proper drainage.

futuristic neon lights

TIP #3: Be Eco-conscious

Futurism includes green technology. The market is full of designers who have realized that many designs from the future are also good for the environment. Some of the most popular or well-known designs for the future put the environment first. 

It is best to consider it, mainly if your design uses electricity or makes waste.

TIP #4: Curvy and Irregular Unconventional Shapes

Curves and diagonals are the kings and queens of futurism. These unconventional shapes work well with each other, and it’s a plus if you use furniture that takes that form. They give access to highly innovative ideas like where you can put lighting, plants, shelves, etc.

TIP #5: Use LED Lighting

Adding LED light strips to embossed wall designs, ceilings, and even the sides of your basement floor is the key to a futuristic look. You can even put it along the edges of aquariums, shelves, plant pots, and workstations. 

The Future is NOW

Consider these tips now if you want the basement apartment of your dreams. Also, futurism is a broad style that includes safe, accessible, sleek designs, not just those that look “techy.” If you need help with your renovation, especially with waterproofing, it’s best to contact Hamilton basement flooring experts.

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