All You Need to Know About the Types of Concrete Coatings

Dressing up a plain and grey concrete flooring is exciting. Once you have a basic idea of resurfacing concrete flooring, you can transform a monotonous slab to out-of-the-ordinary steps in your home or business area.  

You will find from today’s blog your options for various concrete coating Hamilton. Choose something that resonates with your taste or something practical for a profitable space. A masterfully crafted floor is the keystone to make perfect steps everywhere you go.

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polished concrete

1- Coating for a Polished Concrete

A polished concrete coating is the most common type of coating for concrete floors. This provides a seamless, clean, and even surface for walking. This type is also cost-efficient. This is your go-to casting application if you need a quick refinishing or restoration of old, existing slabs.

2- Two-Step Concrete Coating

Cocnrte floors technology made great leaps for the past decades. Various innovative applications had surfaced from every corner. One of the most outstanding flooring technology achievements is reducing the time and labor of conventional cocnrte installation.

Di you know that constructing cocnrte floors takes ten solid steps or processes, in the past. Today contractors are taking these steps easy with grind and stain coating. This two-step coating method efficiently utilizes old, existing cocnrte. To create a fresh look, no matter how old the slab is, the surface needs grinding. This mechanism will flatten the topmost layer of the concrete for a seamless, polished look. To highlight the even, polished look of the floor, a stinging will then be added. Now what you got is a fresh, clean slate. You wouldn’t’ think that it was a decades ago flooring that you are looking at.

3- Coating for Durability

This third type is preferably a third-party to the two-step coating. After the grind and stain coating, a final finish can be your option to make the most durable concrete floors there ever is. 


An ultra-durable sealer will top the quality that a ten steps concrete coating had achieved. Here are the basic terms to familiarize with when looking for coating for durable flooring.

  • Epoxy, resin sealer
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Polyurea-Poluaspartic coating
  • Overlays
  • Acrylic-based sealers

4- Concrete over concrete

Concrete coatings are not only limited to the typical thin and thick film covering the topmost layer of the floors. It also includes a variant inspired by a decorative concrete resurfacing.

A durable and cost-efficient option of a concrete repair is with overlays. This method is done by pouring a new layer of thin concrete mix over an existing one.

You also have a choice of pouring a thicker overlay or a thin overlay. It will depend on the degree to which the old slabs’ got damaged.

5- Coating for Coloring

Lastly, dyeing and staining is another coating technique to include. This process can alone be considered as a resurfacing method. This is also one of the choices of concrete coating applications for most residential interior and exterior concrete.

This coating type is a superb solution if you need to revive the colors on your well-loved cocnrte. This is suitable when you want to hide stains and creases that could transform into decorative resurfacing patterns onto your floors.

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