Type of Floors you can Apply Clear Epoxy (wood, garage, basement)

Resinous flooring is safe to use. It is low in VOC consisting of pure solid materials. It makes it a suitable solution for commercial and industrial spaces. A type of resin-based concrete coating is clear epoxy. It enhances the natural concrete look.

The clear coating also fits other flooring materials like wood, vinyl, and tiles. Its primary purpose is to increase the strength and durability of any type of surface. It becomes resistant to abrasions, liquids, stains, and other harmful materials.

Now that you are reading this blog, you have been considering applying epoxy or evolving the floors into epoxy flooring. However, what you got are other types of footings on your property. Don’t worry, here listed are different flooring materials where the epoxy coating is also suitable.

1. Wooden Floors

Aside from concrete, there are a lot of materials that possess durability and resilience. One is wooden floors. Other types of wooden material make suitable material for indoor and outdoor concrete. Composite wood is made of synthetic timber. It has the aesthetic value of wooden floors but has more effective waterproofing.

Wooden flooring is used for both indoors and outdoors. Pool decks and concrete patios are incorporating natural materials. In terms of design and adaptability to any theme, wood makes a good competitor of concrete.

So, to make the wooden steps as strong and resistant as concrete slabs, a clear epoxy provides a solution. Natural wood planks may be tough on heavy foot traffic but are not resilient to water elements. A clear epoxy adds waterproofing to the wooden surface. It also minimizes abrasions and scratches.

2. Garage Floor Materials

low ceiling garage flooring with black carsGarages can be covered with vinyl floors. It is a practical choice and less expensive than concrete resurfacing. But did you know that you can still achieve the concrete’s superior quality? Clear epoxy is also suitable for this material.

Epoxy coating is more known to be a match for concrete. But if you already have vinyl in your garage floorings, an epoxy coat can still give you the same results. Vinyl floors are common among residential and business properties for their resiliency. It can cover old floors, concrete or tiled floors.

Garages floors prefer vinyl or vinyl tiles for their stain resistance and low maintenance. It is also easy and fast to install. Also, compared to other resilient flooring materials vinyl, is an affordable option.

3. Traditional Tiles

Homeowners and business properties choose tile for their equally resilient form as other flooring materials. Tiles are affordable as well. So if you already have tiles and want to stick with their cost-effective solution and enhance its quality, coating it with clear epoxy can do the job. 


Tiles are less durable compared to concrete and other monoblock forms of floorings. A piece of tile easily cracks. Within a few years, dents and holes start to appear. A clear epoxy suits the requirements of tiles. You may already get the tiles with patterns and designs to it. With just a simple, clear protective coating, you’ll be able to keep its structure and aesthetic as well. 

4. Basement Flooring

pingpong-basement-epoxy-flooringA basement floor will usually have a grey, bare pavement. Since most basement functions as a storage area, its aesthetic rarely caught your attention. A practical option to renovate your basement is to apply an epoxy coating.

A clear coat can simply enhance a natural concrete look to the floor. You don’t need to think about a design that much for restoring your basement flooring.

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