What is a Clear Floor Epoxy?

A garage floors epoxy Burlington is made of 100% resin coating material. This material contains no solvent, meaning no chemical is combined in the resin. That makes it safe for the household and environment to use.

One of the best epoxy types nowadays is the clear floor epoxy Burlington. Clear epoxy is the most basic form of garage epoxy coatings. It contains resin with less solvent, which may prevent any odour that may cause harm to the health of homeowners.

Clear epoxy is also perfect for public spaces with heavy foot traffic. Thus it enables them to do their job or work efficiently and productively. This is why home and business owners would choose to invest in epoxy flooring for their retail stores, clinics, hotels, etc.

Furthermore, the use of epoxy is ideal to use as coatings. A layer of epoxy coating has many advantages. Such is high resistance that may withstand possible impacts that might occur. And it could also act as a seal to prevent any damage from moisture and water. 


This is because of the resin’s different properties, such as being durable, flexible, and firm. An example is the clear floor epoxy Burlington, which may provide you with ideas and information for considering resin flooring.    

To better understand the capabilities of obtaining a commercial epoxy floor coating, below are some advantages of clear epoxy or resin flooring.

hallway clear epoxy

Benefits of Clear Epoxy Resin

The clear epoxy coating offers several benefits, such as protection, resistance, and many more, which makes it a good investment as it may last for many years.


Compared to other floorings, a resin-coated floor is substantial. This is an advantage as it can hold extreme weight and withstand impacts and shocks. An example is epoxy resin for garage floors. Which can keep heavy things due to its strength.

Resist Chemicals

As a resin coating on floors, it can act as a sealant to various chemicals such as water spillage, solvents, acids, and many more because of the firmness that enables it to resist substances that may cause damage to the floor.

Hygienic and Sanitary Environment

Acquiring epoxy flooring is more hygienic. Its firmness makes it capable of resisting any possible cracks and ridges. 

This makes it easier to clean the floor, avoiding bacteria from dirt that may hide from broken crevices—resulting in a more sanitary and germ-free environment.

Low VOC Emission

Having low VOC or volatile organic compounds means that the combination used in the product is safe or not harmful to both humans and the environment.

Clear epoxy resin coating is made of hundred percent solids and has no solvent. For this reason, it obtains low emission making this substance safe for health as it is not harmful to the environment, households, and those who work in different facilities.

Highly Customizable Resin

Use resin for your flooring, whether for commercial or residential space. A highly customizable coating allows you to design the floor as you want, according to your style and liking. You will have creative freedom and on what design suits you.

An example is letting you choose the best epoxy for garage floors for a more durable and improved workplace.

Areas to Install Clear Epoxy Resin

Commercial Spaces

Using clear epoxy resin flooring for your business is ideal, and it improves safety and durability on your floors due to the toughness of the material it obtains. 

Making it withstand heavy weights, avoiding any possible damages and unnecessary costs in the workplace.

Residential Spaces

In your home, epoxy coating flooring is very convenient. That makes it very manageable in floor areas that need easy cleaning, especially when guests come into your home or are in a rush.

In addition, epoxy flooring is not slippery when cleaned. The coating would prevent liquid from getting stuck on a concrete floor surface. Thus keeping the children and the elderly at home away from slipping and falling accidents. 

clear epoxy warehouse floor
metallic epoxy floor

Choosing garage floors epoxy Burlington resin in your home and business is an excellent option. Because of the various resistance, it is capable of, such as chemicals, stains and scratches. Also, it is durable, withstanding any possible cracks due to its firmness and strength. That assures you of a safe and clean workplace.

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