5 Best Concrete Pool Deck Designs

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Your pool should be the centerpiece of your backyard. Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle with pool decks that are cracked, slippery, or simply outdated. These issues not only detract from your home’s aesthetic appeal but can also pose safety risks to your family and guests.

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The Best Pool Deck Designs that Adds Home’s Value

It’s time to give your outdoor spaces, including your swimming pool areas, a complete makeover. Consider resurfacing to address cracks and repairs, applying a slip-resistant coating for safety, and finishing with a sealant to protect against algae, mold, and mildew. 

Enhance the look with refinishing and staining, choosing from a variety of color options to complement your furniture. Maintenance can be simplified with regular pressure washing, ensuring your outdoor haven remains beautiful and inviting. 

Get inspired with today’s list on how to achieve these transformations.

Here are the five best five concrete pool decking designs.

Classic Concrete Look

You won’t go wrong with the classic look. Make use of the natural concrete look to reveal a classic chic pool decks design.

Classic means straightforward, and it’s easy on the eye. It is easy to make the classic style adapt to any theme or motif. If you feel like you want something that is stunning but does not require complex efforts to create, the classic design is perfect for your kind of swimming pool.

Versatile Stamped Concrete

If you give a classic look a minor tweak, you will love stamping the concrete to do this. Outdoors floors benefit more from durable materials like concrete. Pouring the solid materials at once creates a seamless surface. 


The patterns that come out from stamping become the decks’ aesthetic at the same time it also adds to its function. 


Be amazed at how stamped pool decks create magic by combining bold textures to a seamless surface. Have your decks resurfaced with stamped concrete or stamped overlays to achieve a pristine vibe in your outdoor spaces?

Semi Buried Pool with Composite Deck

Above ground, pools may be a cost-saving option for you. But if you previously got in-ground pools, you might want to begin with having a semi-buried pool. 


You may adopt this architectural genius to your pools by replicating a semi-buried pool. Usually, this design is adapted among pool areas located on a slope. When a ground slants on one side, a pool’s exterior may be exposed on the other side. Having it installed above the ground halfway.

Above Ground Pool with Automatic Cover

above ground pool deck

Take your innovative preferences over the top with an automatic ground pool that comes with an automatic cover. You’ll get amazed by how you can maximize space by installing a lid that opens and closes to reveal a pool.


You won’t get any trouble when you leave the swimming area during cold seasons. While waiting for winterization to maintain the open pools during the snow season.

Stone Tile

Last on the list offers you lots of variations. Take a quick look at the famous stone-tiled decks. 

  • Travertine
  • Lava stone
  • Porcelain tile 
  • Limestone
  • White coral stone


Tiles do not come out ordinary anymore. Now, you can have them look like the most expensive materials. Want to have the pristine look of travertine? Why not opt for tiles? You can have the materials in pieces so you can adjust or decide how much you will need. It is a cost-saving tactic for you if you want to have a luxurious look at the pools. 

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