5 Ways to Spruce up your Patios for the New Year

New Year means a new perspective to include in your home’s patios. You learn from the previous blog the top designs to follow for your concrete patio Mississauga exterior layout. Today you will learn the five ways to recreate the patios to welcome a fresh start!

concrete patio with a garden

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Once More- Patio for the New Year

After the holidays, you probably already want to take the patios to the next level and recreate a design. Trends are waiting for you to try out this coming year as you take a fresh start! There is nothing else perfect to do that than in your home’s front yard and facade!


The following will also best suit your exterior concrete floors. Anything will be possible once you have durable foundations for your outer living room.

1. Welcome The Sun

As a young lad, haven’t you wondered about those outdoor mats saying “welcome”? Who are they speaking to? 

No wonder how much you want to make guests feel at home and “welcomed”, the mats do not make any impact at all. Change it then. In the coming 2022, your homes will have a genuinely welcoming vibe with an open-door setup like this one from a famous model,  Naomi Campbell’s luxury villa.

You can take inspiration and create your open-door living room by using light materials for its roofing. The key is to let the natural light from the sun and natural airflow around your patio.

a patio looking a sunset

2. Up The Fun Factor

garden and a patio

In the coming year onwards, people will focus more on the essential things in life. The past years were challenged by loss and grief with the effect of the pandemic. But now take back the joy stolen from you! One of the best ways to do that is by renovating the spaces at your home, starting with the outdoors.


Nowadays, backyards, gardens, and a tiny space in front of a house are becoming a trend among home improvement. Homeowners use outdoor spaces that encourage families to spend more time together in outdoor living spaces.


It is better to redesign with a setup that gives comfort and creates fun for the whole family. Speaking of family, you are probably thinking of adding a TV to your porch right now? Why not?

Here are other ways to bring fun to your outdoor family room:

  • Install an outdoor grill kitchen
  • Add comfy but waterproof furniture 
  • Put some plants and flowers
  • Add a fireplace or a concrete patio-fire-pit

3. Fuse Things Up

Here is something never before seen and heard patio idea. Now that it is the new year, why not go after the coming trends that will surface in the future. Take inspiration from this modern design where the digital world meets the physical. 


You can incorporate led lights and innovative vertical walls that give you the feel of the future.


Let the New Year theme fuse up things in your outdoor living room. 2022 is about constant change and accepting new perspectives out of your ordinary. Using coloured lights reflecting 2022’s colour-theme periwinkle and lavender, they transpire the idea of innovation and adaptation.

a modern patio

These ideas can help spruce up your patios for 2022. If you are considering to level up your patios, it is best to consult your local contractor. They will definitely offer you advice on what suits you best!

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