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Standard floors of basements enhanced with epoxy coatings provide a cost-efficient investment for residential and commercial properties. Texturock, who has been serving various property owners, will help you! We have been rendering top-quality service for over 40 years now in local areas throughout Ontario.

Dynamic, innovative basement at home or industrial like warehouses, commercial space, can have more purpose. Revamp your basement flooring Burlington with advanced floor systems. A floor’s value increases with a seamless, sturdy floor surface. 

Basements usually serve as storage areas. However, its purpose can go beyond when improved its over appearance. Nowadays, flooring techniques are evolving, and you can now find a practical solution for your home improvement and renovation.

Get in touch with our expert contractors and have your floors assessed, whether you are in Mississauga, Hamilton, Ancaster, or Burlington.

Basement Floor Epoxy Coating Solutions: Terrazzo Flake, Metallic, 3D

Uplift and remodel your basements with flawlessly finished epoxy coated floors. Epoxy coating has variety of designs, your imagination is the only limit, but the most popular options are Terrazo, Flake, mettalic and 3D. With Terrazo Flake, metallic, or 3D, your underground floors transform from the dark, dull dungeon to an innovative leisure space.

modern basement

Terrazo Flake Floor

“Durable that is beautiful,” these are what define a terrazzo flake coated floor. This coating technique is growing in popularity among decorative flooring with epoxy. Terrazo coating gives texture to a floor’s appearance. It is an excellent and simple design that can increase a basement’s overall appeal.


Creating depth and movement-like pattern on a surface is perfect for basement floors. The metal-effect can help a usually, dark space brighten -up the surface. It is applied with metallic additives creating a distinct pattern and texture. Aside from an opulent aesthetic, it can also add light to a room, especially when there is no much light coming in.

3D Epoxy

With 3D floors, you can be creative and add a personalized value to your home or business space. With 3D epoxy you can create and mimic any design you want, from natural stone, wood, beach or anything you desire. If you are looking for a three-dimensional effect on a floor for attractiveness and creativity, 3D epoxy can help you achieve it.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Basement epoxy floors exude durability and adaptability. The design options are limitless. Incorporating personalized designs with 3D coatings is possible. Or have a dynamic, contemporary flare using chip paints to make a distinct and appealing look in your commercial, industrial, or residential floors.

Up-to-Date Aesthetics

Unlimited designs are available for your flooring options with an epoxy coating for basements. With 3D, metallic, or terrazzo flake, you can depart from traditional flooring solutions. Tired of outdated designs? Our professional flooring contractors will help you determine the flooring system that will match your lifestyle and needs.

You can now utilize your basements any way you want. Epoxy coating techniques are versatile. You can add paint chips and flakes to enhance a traditional coating application.

White painted and spacious basement with epoxy floor

Precision for Polished Floors

With the help of professionals and expert installers, you can apply the epoxy coating with accuracy ad precision. The benefit of a correctly applied coating is that it will last long. The floors will remain polished and seamless, preventing cracks, dents, and other impacts that commonly cause damages. You can save your floors from these disruptions when improved with an epoxy coat.

Easy Maintenance

Epoxy floors give the floors cost-efficient, inexpensive maintenance. A basement floor needs to be easily cleaned. A simple cleaning solution will complete your job. Epoxy flooring will also make surfaces resistant to small particles of dirt, dust, water, moisture, humidity and even tough chemical stains and molds.

Liquid stains are also remedied by simple cleaning. If your worry is about the basements looking too dark and far from the natural air and light to maintain a quality indoor atmosphere, refinish them with epoxy coatings.


Epoxy floor basement with billiards pool and fireplace

Safety, with Slip-Resistant Floors

Reduce hazards when you enhanced the floors with epoxy products. A basement, garage or any industrial floors for workshop purpose can decrease a=chances of sudden accidents when the floors are highly slip-resistant.

Floors finished with epoxy receives a dense surface. This coating material is a solid two-part product, aside from providing a sturdy surface free from cracks or dent, the floors will be safe to walk on and perform vigorous activities or movements.

Easy Install Process

Installing an epoxy flooring will take less than a week. If you are looking for a quick finish for a basement flooring Ontario, epoxy products will suffice. Especially for underground rooms where no natural sunlight hits the ground. Installing by professionals will ease the job for you and assure that your floors will transform with lasting quality and stunning appeal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete flooring is the least expensive option for your basement. But, if you want to go extra, you can add an epoxy coating to protect your surface for a long time. Choosing the best material for your basement is an investment, rather than dealing with regular maintenance.

Subfloors are necessary if you want to make your floor warm. You can choose from concrete or tile-over-concrete.

Price starts at $1,500. For a 500 square foot flooring, $3,000 is the expected price.

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