Have you ever seen a problem that you felt could really be solved, and just had to do something about it yourself? If so, then you understand how Texturock came to be.

Stone and epoxy flooring (also called an “overlay” or “cast in place flooring”) has been around for over 40 years. In that time it has been the answer to so many problems for people both indoors and out, commercial and residential. The customers who have had good results LOVE it like nothing else.

Unfortunately though in the past, being a unique product that not everyone was familiar with, the industry was also prone to some inconsistencies:

  • different installation techniques yielded random results,
  • lack of knowledge about epoxies led to unhappy customers,
  • Short lived companies left homeowners nowhere to turn for service…

In short, what was a lifesaver for many was a huge headache for others.

In 2007, after a few years in the industry, the owners of Stonecote Inc. launched the brand Texturock to be the answer to these problems. Realizing that few key ingredients could make every story a happy one, they set out to make Texturock the industry standard. Here’s how:

  • By travelling throughout North America to learn what works, and partnering with major players from Canada, Europe and the US, Texturock has been able to bring the best the industry has to offer, all under one roof.
  • By voluntarily holding ourselves to the highest standards, the products and installation are always second to none.
  • With ongoing training and certification we are constantly evolving to better serve our customers’ needs.
  • Adding sister products to the lineup such as rubber flooring, commercial epoxy coatings, and more, saves time shopping around and ensures that we always have the right product for your needs.
  • Through an in-depth consultation program before, during, and after the installation process, our customers are the most educated, and the most satisfied in the industry!

We feel confident, as you review our products, photos, and testimonials, you will see what so many have loved over the years!