HomeStars Best Of Award 2012

Chris and Jerret Receiving HomeStars Best Of 2012 Award


As the son of a contractor, the entrepreneurial spirit took hold of Jerret early. From newspapers at age 10, then lawn care in high school, what came next was inevitable. At age 22 he started his first business in the commercial maintenance industry. Through a commitment to Integrity and customer service, that business soon grew to look after projects coast to coast for JC Penney’s, one of the largest retailers in the US.

A dedicated family man, he soon started another venture in Canada with his brother in law Chris, looking for something that would allow him to be home more with his wife and kids. Bringing the same passion for excellence, and belief in “old school” values, Jerret feels that he can help Texturock have the same impact on people’s lives.

“I was raised on sir and ma’am, and business was done on a handshake. Although the world moves faster now, the same timeless principles apply. When you treat people like family, like you may have to sit and eat dinner with them every night, it keeps you honest. You want to be able to look them in the eye and know they trust you. That’s how I feel about my customers!”

CHRIS CLARK, Co-owner:

Cut from the same cloth, Chris has always been a self-starter. At an early age he showed his discipline by pursuing and earning certification as a Personal Trainer. Then, at only 23, he started his own flooring installation company. Fit-To-Floor allowed Chris to combine his passion for fitness with a love of working with his hands. After several years in the industry installing everything from hardwoods to ceramic, he was trained in the stone and epoxy industry and fell in love with the product.

In 2007 the timing was right and Texturock was born. With a great working knowledge of how to make an install last, and a keen eye for detail, Chris is a natural to run day-to-day operations for Texturock. As well as hands on training for new installers and distributors, he personally oversees each install to ensure it meets exacting standards and will last for years to come.

Taking the long view to building a business Chris feels “For me payday is really about seeing that look on the customer’s face when the job is complete. It makes everything we do worth it to hear that thanks and appreciation. You really know you’ve made a difference when 3 years later a customer will run into you at the store or a trade show, and they’re still as excited as the day it was done!”


Peter has been with Texturock from the beginning. With years of experience in carpentry and home renovation, his skills and insights have guided many a job to completion. While he is just as at home mixing a batch of stone as he is creating a set of custom built-ins for your master closet, you’ll probably find him always relaxed and ready to share his latest joke. Don’t be fooled though, although semi-retired, he prides himself on still being able to outwork most “kids these days!”

LORRIE ALLEN, Interior Decorator

Lorrie is an interior decorator with over 23 years experience in the decorating, design and coatings industry. As the owner of Lorrie Allen Finishes she is an award winning designer which recently includes the Burlington’s Readers Choice Award for Best Decorator in 2012. With a passion for design and quality products and services, Lorrie Allen Finishes has a personal talent for creating fantastic results to any project. Her company has recently expanded and with its team of high quality professionals and suppliers they are ready to take any decorating project from concept to completion, creating spaces that exceed all expectations.